Dahlia Blue Bayou

Dahlia Blue Bayou

Dahlia Blue Bayou


Along with gladioli, lilies and begonias, dahlias are one of the most important and popular summer flowering bulbs. This is due to the many colors and flower types available. They are also easy to use. About 200 years ago, the first Dahlia came from Mexico to Western Europe. Many new varieties with new shapes and colors are developed every year.

Applications: borders, and different per type also in pots and containers. Can also be used as cut flowers in the garden.

  • Location: full sun
  • Soil type: well-draining soil
  • Flowering period: July-October
  • Height: 90 cm, gallery types 30 cm
  • Hardy: needs protection in winter
  • Planting period: April to June

How to plant:

Open ground: 5 cm deep and 15 - 20 cm apart.

Potted: Give enough water and add fertilizer every now and then.

Overwintering: Remove the bulbs from the ground, cut the stem to 15 cm, wrap the bulbs in newspaper and put it away in a dark place.

Or, with today's mild winters, give some extra protection by means of leaves or straw.

Cut: Cut away the spent flowers to encourage the growth of new flowers for best results.


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