Jan 09, 2023


The dahlia is one of the most famous summer flowering bulbs. And rightly so, because these beautiful flowers come in all kinds of different types, colors and sizes. In this blog we explain how you can best care for the dahlias.

dahlia bulbs


Dahlias are not hardy and therefore cannot withstand frost. That is why it is best to plant them when there is no longer a chance of night frost. About 3 dahlias fit per 1m2 and it is best to maintain a planting distance of 30 to 40 cm, with a maximum of 5 cm of soil on the bulb. Dahlias can be planted in sun or partial shade. After planting, give the dahlia tubers some water so they can start making roots.


Dahlias are therefore not hardy, which means that they cannot withstand frost. Once it freezes properly, they freeze to pieces. If you want your dahlias to bloom again next year, it is best to remove them before winter. Cut off any plant remains to 15 cm above the tuber, place them to dry briefly, wrap them in a newspaper and store them in a cool, frost-free place. Plant the dahlias again in April and enjoy the beautiful flowers again in the summer!

To water

Dahlia tubers are summer bloomers that love the sun. A place in full sun is no problem for them! The disadvantage of this is that you have to make sure that the dahlia does not get too dry. The sunnier the weather, the more water the dahlia needs. During hot summers, you may even have to water the dahlia daily. Putting a water sprinkler in the garden is therefore not a bad idea! Make sure that the soil drains well and that the dahlia is not constantly standing in a puddle of water. This can cause the bulbs to rot. Moist soil is fine, as long as it doesn't get soggy.

dahlia bulbs


Dahlias give beautiful flowers and will continue to do so all summer long with proper care. The trick is to top the dahlia; cut out the old, faded flowers. This stimulates the growth of new buds and you can enjoy the flowers all summer long. Dahlias also benefit from extra plant food from time to time. This keeps the dahlia strong and green. Although it is good for the dahlia, the plant food is not a must.


The shorter varieties of dahlias can be perfectly planted in a pot. Ideal for the small garden or to brighten up your balcony. Some examples of short dahlias are, for example, the Art Deco , Garden Desire or Wittem dahlia. The care of a potted dahlia is not much different than in the open ground. Nutrient-rich potting soil gives your dahlias the best start. Use a spacious pot to plant the dahlia in so that it can make enough roots. Also make sure that the pot is permeable to water, the water must be able to drain.

All in all, the dahlia is a fairly easy summer bloomer with which not much can go wrong. Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to try it yourself? View our dahlia assortment here !

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