Show garden

Floratuin Julianadorp is located between the flowering bulb fields in the polder of Anna Paulowna and Julianadorp. A special assortment of exclusive and new types of flower bulbs can be seen in this flowering show garden of 7000 m². Visitors can take a stroll through the show garden and enjoy the flower bulbs in bloom. The flower bulbs from our garden that can be ordered are in the order garden. The shop is open all year round. The show garden and order garden can be visited from the end of March to mid-May.

Garden lovers:
Choose your own FLOWER BULBS in the blooming FLORA GARDEN. In the spring when everything is in bloom, you can clearly see what beautiful types of bulb flowers there are. A good time to make your own flower bulb wish list for planting time in October. So come to the Floratuin in Julianadorp from March to May. In this show garden you can see the most exclusive and new types of flower bulbs in bloom. The shop is open all year round for the sale of flower bulbs and/or the collection of your ordered package. The flower bulb shop with information room is also definitely worth a visit. ....

How does it work?
Take a walk through the garden or the shop and choose the types of flower bulbs you like. You inform us of your choice via the order list or the order kiosk. From August, September, October and November you will receive your order at home. With the help of the clear plant description, you can plant the bulbs yourself in cozy pots or in beautiful places in the garden in the autumn, very easily. The bulbs will bloom profusely the following spring.
That's enjoyment!

Internet orders:
You can order your flower bulbs again via this site or visit the Floratuin. Shipment of the order takes place in August, September, October and November and after payment has been received.