Shipping of flower bulbs

You can contact us for both summer and spring flower bulbs. These are sent at different times of the year. Our webshop has a minimum order amount of €20. We ship flower bulbs to the following countries;

The Netherlands - €6,- euro shipping costs, above 65 euro free
Germany - €10,- euro shipping costs, above 65 euro free
Belgium - €10,- euro shipping costs, above 65 euro free
Luxembourg - €10,- euro shipping, above 65 euro free

Denmark – €11,- euro shipping costs
Estonia - €30,- Euro shipping costs
Finland – €19 shipping costs
France – €11.50 shipping costs
Greece – €38.60 shipping costs
Hungary – €30,- euro shipping costs
Ireland – €19.00 shipping costs
Italy – €17.20 shipping costs
Croatia – €30,- euro shipping costs
Lithuania – €30,- euro shipping costs
Austria – €10.60 shipping costs
Poland – €22.16 shipping costs
Portugal - €27,- euro shipping costs
Romania - €30,- euro shipping costs
Slovenia – €30,- euro shipping costs
Slovakia – €30,- euro shipping costs
Spain – €19,- euro shipping costs
Czech Republic - €22.16 shipping costs
Sweden – €18,- euro shipping costs

Summer flower bulbs

Every year, from January to May, our collection of summer flower bulbs is online again! You can then choose between the most beautiful dahlias, gladioli, begonias and much more. Your order will be shipped from the end of February.
You can plant these summer flower bulbs in your garden, so that you can enjoy them that same summer. With your order you will find extensive planting instructions in which you can find all the necessary information.

Spring flower bulbs

The tulip, who doesn't know it? Tulips are by far the most famous spring bloomers. But spring offers much more. Daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, you name it. These spring flower bulbs are available in our webshop from May to November. Orders will be shipped from the end of August. This also includes extensive planting instructions with all the necessary information.