Iris Reticulata Pixie

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Paars10 - 20 cmBijzondere bolgewassenVanaf 1 septemberZonFebruari and Maart

Height: 15 cm

Flowering period: February, March

Group: Iris bulbs

Delivery time: August to November

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The Iris Reticulata Pixi is a dwarf iris. The flower of this Iris bulb has a beautiful purple color. The bulbs are hardy. They bloom early in the spring and add color to your garden. Application: in pots, under shrubs and trees or at the front of the border.

This small iris is native to the Turkey and Caucasus region. There they were grown on a large scale. They bloom very early in the season. The flower is very large in relation to the rest of the plant. When the balls feel well in place, they come back for several years. The only disadvantage of these small irises is that the leaves only really start to grow after flowering.

The bulbs are best planted in the autumn. Plant them 6 to 8 cm. deep. Iris Reticulata do well in a pot or container. The flowers smell wonderful.

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