Anemone Charmer

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Paars, Wit, and Meerkleurig10 - 20 cmAnemone CoronariaVanaf 1 septemberHalf schaduw and ZonMaart and April

Height: 10 cm

Flowering period: March, April

Group: Anemone tubers

Delivery time: August to November

Order anemone tubers Blanda Charmer

The Anemone Blanda Charmer gives a beautiful pink carpet in your garden. The Anemone bulb is very hardy and will reappear every spring. This bulb also spreads slowly.

Anemone Blanda are also called oriental anemones because these tubers originate from Turkey and Greece. Anemones bloom in early spring with blue, white or pink asterisks. They do well in normal garden soil under deciduous shrubs. But they also do well in the sun. If they are to their liking, they come back every year and form a beautiful carpet. Anemones also do well in pots and containers.

Anemones are planted in the fall. Plant them about 5 cm deep. The mutual planting distance is also about 5 cm. They are very hardy. They bloom in March.

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