Anemone The Governor



Rood, Wit, and Meerkleurig30 - 40 cmAnemone CoronariaVanaf 20 februariHalf schaduw and ZonJuni, Juli, Augustus, September, and Oktober

Anemone The Governor is a double anemone. That means that the flower is extra filled. You will also find some anemones in our webshop.

The anemone is a colorful and cheerful flower for the garden. They are beautiful in groups and bloom all summer long. Anemones are available in red, white, blue, pink and mixed colors. Anemones look great in the open ground or in a planter. This anemone is hardy.

  • Location: Sun / partial shade, sheltered
  • Soil type: Loose, nutrient-rich soil.
  • Flowering period: June / October
  • Height: 30 - 40 cm
  • Hardy: Up to -5 degrees.
  • Planting Period: March April May

How to Plant:

Soak in water for an hour before planting.

Depth: 3 cm

Distance: 5 cm away, water well.

Hibernate: Hardy.

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