Scilla Bifolia Rosea

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Roze10 - 20 cmScillaVanaf 1 septemberSchaduw, Half schaduw, and ZonFebruari and Maart

Height: 10 cm

Flowering period: February, March

Group: scilla balls

Delivery time: August to November

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The Scillabol Bifolia Rosea, also called the early star hyacinth, has cute pink upright flowers. They are excellent as a naturalizing bulb. They also do well in a pot or container.

Scilla bulbs are also called star hyacinth. The flowers are usually blue, but there are also white, pink and purple flowers. They are bulbous plants that bloom in the spring.

For an overwhelming effect, plant scilla bulbs together in a large group. Make sure that the bulbs are not too wet. The Scilla is also a very easy bulbous plant. The Scilla bulbs can be planted almost anywhere in the fall. In the sun, or under deciduous shrubs or trees, the Scilla will grow. Even after the flower has finished blooming, you don't have to struggle to scoop this bulb out of the ground. These can simply remain in the ground until the following spring, when they will bloom again. If they are in the right place in the garden, they can propagate themselves and this way you get a nice wild garden.

Many Scilla Bulbs do well in a pot or container. What applies to all flower bulbs also applies to the scilla bulbs. Provide well-draining soil and protect the potted bulbs against freezing with straw, leaves or bubble wrap. Potted scilla bulbs are planted in the same way as Muscari bulbs.

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