Del Piero



Roze, Wit, and Meerkleurig30 - 40 cmMeerbloemige tulpenVanaf 1 septemberHalf schaduw and ZonApril and Mei

Height: 35 - 40 cm

Flowering period: April, May

Group:Multi-flowered tulips

Delivery time: August to November

Del Piero Order Tulip Bulbs

Features of the Del Piero tulip bulb:

The color of the flower of the Del Piero tulip bulb is white with a pink edge. Several flowers appear on one stem. The flower has a white center and black stamens. The flowers are not all the same height, which gives a natural effect. The height of this tulip is about 40 cm. Because several flowers grow on one stem, it looks better if the bulbs are planted a little further apart.

The Del Piero tulip bulb belongs to the group of multi-flowered tulips
Multi-flowered tulips belong to several groups. However, they have one similarity: each bulb produces several flowers. The main stem of these species branches into three to seven secondary stems, each bearing one flower. In this way, each bulb actually produces a small bouquet! Also, the size of the flower is not the same in all species. A few groups of multi-flowered tulips between the perennials give a wonderful effect. Flowering time of multi-flowered tulips starts early in May.

The best planting time for Del Piero tulip bulbs is the months of October and November. The tulip bulb needs some time to form roots before the first frost comes. If you plant the tulip bulbs before October, there is a risk of frost damage because the tulips will emerge too early in the spring. The planting depth is 3 times the height of the bulb. In order to bloom in the spring, a tulip bulb needs the indispensable winter. So a cold period, which should last at least 9 weeks with a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius. Tulip bulbs are best planted in well-loosened, not too wet soil. If they are too wet, the bulbs will rot and there will be no flower. They do well in sun or partial shade. Plant tall tulips in a place where they are protected from strong winds to prevent blowing over. You can plant the tulip bulbs in groups or scatter the tulip bulbs and plant them where they fell. The latter gives a natural effect.

The Del Piero tulip bulbs do well in a pot or container.

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