Eucomis Autumnalis



Wit40 - 50 cmOverige zomerbloeiersVanaf 20 februariZon and Half schaduwJuli, Augustus, and September

Also called Crested Lily or Pineapple Plant.

The flower is formed by a lot of small flowers. At the top of the stem and flower is a crown of young green leaves. The flowers produce a lot of nectar, so there are always many bees around the Eucomis. The plant is very suitable as a pot plant, which you can put inside during the winter. Start watering when plant growth resumes. The Eucomis originates from the wet parts of the mountains in southern Africa.

The Eucomis is a good border plant, thanks to its strange appearance and unique colours. They give the late summer and autumn garden an extra dimension.

Article number

: 9014

  • Location: Sunny, Part shade
  • Soil type: Humus-rich, well-drained soil
  • Flowering period: July, August, September
  • Height: 45 cm
  • hardy: up to -5
  • Planting period: April May
  • Planting depth: top above the ground
  • Planting distance: 15 cm
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