Muscari Bellevalia Pycnantha

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Blauw20 - 30 cmMuscariVanaf 1 septemberSchaduw, Half schaduw, and ZonApril

Height: 25 cm

Flowering period: April

Group: Muscari bulbs

Delivery time: August to November

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The flower color of the Muscari bulbs Bellevalia Pycnantha is the darkest of all muscari. The flowers are dark blue. There are not many blue bulbs. This muscari flowers quite late. The Bellevalia Pycnantha muscari bulbs do less well in a pot or container.

Muscari bulbs originate from the Mediterranean region, Turkey to the Caucasus. Muscari bulbs are known in the Netherlands under the collective name of grape hyacinths. However, not only the various shades of blue or blue-purple, but also white, sporadically yellow and even pink colors are encountered.

Always plant many bulbs in a group (minimum 25) for a better result. Muscari bulbs do well under deciduous shrubs, because the blue grapes bloom when the garden is still bare and the shrubs have no leaves yet. Most varieties are extremely hardy and grow so easily that they should be in every garden.

Muscari bulbs naturalize easily in a place where water cannot stand in the winter. For a nice colorful effect, the bulbs should be planted close to each other. Muscari bulbs in combination with late blooming yellow daffodils or red tulips are very beautiful.

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