Q: When is your webshop opened?

A: Our webshop will open at the beginning of March until the end of November. Keep in mind that if you order flower bulbs in March, they will be delivered in September.


Q: When is the tulip picking garden open?

A: Our tulip picking garden is open from April 1 to mid-May.


Q: When is the dahlia picking garden open?

A: Our dahlia picking garden is open from August 1 to October.


Q: What are the entrance fees?

A: The entrance is completely free! You can walk on the show garden for free and make free use of our parking.


Q: When will my order be delivered?

A: Because we sell a seasonal product, we are bound by certain delivery times. We deliver orders in September, October and November. These are the best months to plant spring flower bulbs, and you can enjoy optimal results.


Q: When is the best time to plant my flower bulbs?

A: The best time to plant spring flower bulbs is October. Read the enclosed instructions to find out how best to plant the flower bulbs.


Q: Can I already plant my flower bulbs in the summer?

A: Unfortunately that is not possible. Spring flower bulbs need cold to develop the flower. It is therefore not possible to have tulips in a natural way in October.


Q: Is the terrain wheelchair friendly?

A: Our store is wheelchair friendly. The show garden is planted on a sandy bottom, so it is not very wheelchair friendly.


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