Mar 22, 2024
De Gladiool, ook wel bekend als Gladiolus, is een prachtige, lange steel vol met bloemen....
Bloembollen planten
Oct 18, 2023
The flower bulbs have been ordered or even already in the house, the garden is ready, what now? What is the best way to plant them? We will explain that in this blog!
Bloembollenvelden onder water?
Jul 26, 2023
Have you always been curious why the flower bulb fields are sometimes underwater? Read why here!
Jan 09, 2023
The dahlia is one of the most famous summer flowering bulbs. And rightly so, because these beautiful flowers come in all kinds of different types, colors and sizes. In this blog we explain how you can best care for the dahlias.
Bollenland onderwater
Aug 24, 2021
Why are the tulip fields underwater? Created by DutchDigitalDude