Zantedeschia Picasso



Paars and Meerkleurig40 - 50 cmZantedeschia'sVanaf 20 februariZon and Half schaduwJuni, Juli, Augustus, and September

Zantedeschia (also called Calla) has undergone a major change in recent years. For example, more colors and types have come onto the market, in addition to the well-known white Calla lily. With its modern appearance, the Zantedeschia is a real trend flower in the modern garden! Zantedeschia has elegant colored bracts enclosing a spherical inflorescence. They are very suitable for planters and bring exotic flair to the balcony and terrace.

·       Position: Sun/partial shade
·       Soil type: Well-drained, loose soil
·       Flowering period: June / September
·       Height: 30-40 cm
·       Hardy: Up to -10 degrees
·       Planting period: March / April / May
·       Cut flower: Yes

How to Plant:

Open ground: 10 cm deep and 15 cm apart.

In pot: 10 cm deep and 15 cm apart.

Overwintering: Zantedeschias are winter hardy to -10 degrees, but do need protection. In winter, cover the soil on the plant with, for example, leaves, straw or pine branches.

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