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Donker rood, Oranje, Geel, and Meerkleurig40 - 50 cmCrispa tulpenVanaf 1 septemberHalf schaduw and ZonMei

Height: 50 cm

Flowering period: May

Group: Crispa tulip bulbs

Delivery time: August to November

Bastia Order Tulip Bulbs

Features of the Bastia tulip bulb:

The color of the flower of the Bastia is red with a yellow edge. The flower is double and has a fringed edge along the petals. The flower stands on a dark stem and sits well in the leaf. Sometimes there are two flowers on one stem. Several flowers also grow from some bulbs.

The Bastia tulip belongs to the Crispa tulip bulb group.

Crispa tulip bulbs (fringed tulips) originate from Central Asia. The fringed shape arose spontaneously in 1930. With this type of tulip bulbs people continued to cross, so that several colors of fringed tulips are now available. They are late flowering tulips, they flower in May and are about 50 cm high.

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