Crocus Dorothy

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Geel10 - 20 cmKleinbloemige crocussenVanaf 1 septemberZonFebruari and Maart

Height: 8 - 12 cm

Flowering period: February, March

Group: Specie crocus bulbs

Delivery time: August to November

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The crocus bulbs bloom early in the spring. They bloom in both sun and shade and come in many colors. Crocus bulbs are divided into two main groups, namely the large-flowered species and the botanical crocuses. The botanical species is also called speciescrocus. The flower of the species crocus bulb is slightly smaller than that of the large-flowered crocus bulb. The species crocus is extremely suitable for naturalising, but the large-flowered crocus bulbs also bloom for several years in a row.

It is best to plant the Dorothy crocus bulbs in well-drained soil. A crocus bulb left in the ground will always bloom earlier than one that has just been planted. Make sure to plant them with the roots down. Otherwise, don't expect a lot of flour!

Plant in September/December about 5 cm deep and 3 to 5 cm apart.
Let crocus bulbs do their own thing in groups among the shrubs.
However, it should be remembered that crocus bulbs have a tendency to 'grow upwards'.
A crocus bulb forms a new tuber on top of the old tuber. This means that after a number of years the balls will lie on top of the ground. When this is observed, carefully dig up the bulbs and replant them at the desired depth.

The Dorothy crocus bulbs also do well in a pot or container. In very bad weather, place the crocus bulbs in a pot in a sheltered place, for example under a shelter, so that you can enjoy the flowers for longer.

The color of the flower of the Dorothy crocus bulb is yellow.

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