Geel, Groen, and Meerkleurig40 - 50 cmViridiflora tulpenVanaf 1 septemberHalf schaduw and ZonApril and Mei

Height:40 - 45 cm

Flowering period: April, May

Group: Viridiflora tulips

Delivery time: August to November

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Features of the Formosa tulip bulb:

The color of the flower of the Formosa tulip bulb is yellow with green flames. As the bloom continues, the flower becomes more and more yellow. The heart has green and yellow stripes. The pistil is yellow and the stamens are black. The flower has pointed petals. The Formosa tulips smell wonderful and are suitable as cut flowers. The flower stands on a sturdy red/green stem of about 40 cm.

The Formosa tulip bulb belongs to the group of viridiflora tulips. The group is characterized as "Late Single Tulips". It's a pity that these viridifloras are not so well known, because they are ideal cut flowers as well as beautiful, strong, long-flowering garden tulips.

As the Latin name suggests, the flower is mainly green, which, together with a second main color (shades of red or white or yellow), makes it so particularly interesting. They stand firmly on their stems and flower - with slightly favorable weather conditions - for up to three weeks. In other respects, these tulips resemble the "Single Late". However, the shape of the flower differs and because of its pointed petals resembles that of the "Lily-flowered Tulips". The green part usually consists of a more or less broad band from the base to the tip of the petals. Like most other late tulips, they grow quite high at 40-50 cm.

The best planting time for Formosa tulip bulbs are the months of October and November. The tulip bulb needs some time to form roots before the first frost comes. If you plant the tulip bulbs before October, there is a risk of frost damage because the tulips will emerge too early in the spring. The planting depth is 3 times the height of the bulb. In order to bloom in the spring, a tulip bulb needs the indispensable winter. So a cold period, which should last at least 9 weeks with a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius. Tulip bulbs are best planted in well-loosened, not too wet soil. If they are too wet, the bulbs will rot and there will be no flower. They do well in sun or partial shade. Plant tall tulips in a place where they are protected from strong winds to prevent blowing over. You can plant the tulip bulbs in groups or scatter the tulip bulbs and plant them where they fell. The latter gives a natural effect.

The Formosa tulip bulbs are suitable for planting a pot or container.

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