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Gladiolus Fiorentina


Along with dahlias, lilies and begonias are gladioli one of the most important and popular summer flowering bulbs. They look beautiful in your garden and on the vase. Plant gladioli in groups for the most beautiful display of colours.

  • Location: Sun
  • Soil type: Nutrient-rich, well-drained soil
  • Flowering period: July / August / September
  • Height: up to 1m, gladiolus nanus up to 50 cm
  • Hardy: no
  • Planting Period: End of April / May

How to Plant:


open ground: 7 – 10 cm deep, 10 cm apart.

Potted: 7 - 10 cm deep, 10 cm apart.

Hibernate: Dig up the gladiolus for the winter, break off the foliage and roots and let the tubers dry in a cool place for a week. Store in a dark dry cool place during winter and replant in late April/May.

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