Gloriosa Rothschildiana

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Rood and Meerkleurig160 - 170 cm and 170 - 180 cmOverige zomerbloeiersVanaf 20 februariZon and Half schaduwJuli, Augustus, and September

Gloriosa, also called the climbing lily, is a beautiful climbing plant for the garden, but can also be kept as a houseplant. It should be remembered that this plant should not be pruned. The gloriosa can no longer grow side branches back. Removing old faded flowers encourages the growth of new flowers. Gloriosa is very suitable for pot planting.

·       Location: Full sun / half shade
·       Soil type: Moist, but not too wet soil
·       Flowering period: July / September
·       Height: 150 / 200 cm
·       Hardy: No
·       Planting period: May

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