Pushkinia Libanotica

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Blauw10 - 20 cmBijzondere bolgewassenVanaf 1 septemberSchaduw, Half schaduw, and ZonMaart and April

Height: 15 cm

Flowering period: March, April

Group: Pushkinia

Delivery time: August to November

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The bulb Puschkinia Libanotica has small blue-white flowers and blooms very early in spring. These bulbs are very suitable for naturalising. An impressive view can be achieved by planting bulbs in large numbers under trees and shrubs.

The Puschkinias are suitable for planting in the (rock) garden as well as in flower beds and in flower boxes and balcony boxes. This bulbous plant does not grow higher than 15 to 20 cm. In large numbers, this nice ball gives the most beautiful effect. Flowering time is in March and April. Plant in well-loosened soil with the tips pointing up. Planting time is from September to December. It doesn't matter if they are in the sun or in the shade, they will bloom anyway. You can plant the bulbs in the border as well as under trees and shrubs. But Puschkinia libanotica also looks great in pots and containers!

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