Ranunculus Orange



Oranje30 - 40 cmRanunculusVanaf 20 februariZonJuli and Augustus

Ranunculus are beautiful cut flowers. They make a colorful whole in your garden or in pots. Each tuber gets several flowers. In the summer the leaves die. It is advisable to place the tubers in water for an hour before planting or to water them well after planting.

  • Location: Sun
  • Soil type: Nutrient-rich, permeable soil
  • Flowering period: July, August
  • Height: Up to 35 cm
  • Hardy: no
  • Planting Period: March April

How to Plant:


Soak in water for an hour before planting.

open ground: 2 cm deep, 10 cm apart.

Potted: 2 cm deep, 10 cm apart.

Hibernate: Dig up the tubers for the winter, when the leaves have dried up. Let them dry and store them frost free around 10 °C until spring planting time.

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