Hyacinth Yellow Queen

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Geel10 - 20 cmHyacintenVanaf 1 septemberHalf schaduw and ZonMaart and April

Height: 20 cm

Flowering period: March, April

Group: Hyacinth bulbs

Delivery time: August to November

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Hyacinthus is the Latin form of the Greek word Huakinthos. According to a Greek myth, Huakinthos was a young man loved by the sun god Apollo. Huakinthos was killed in the discus throw. From the blood that flowed from him grew a flower. Apollo named this flower after his friend Huakinthos. Contradictory fact: In Europe the flower of the hyacinth bulb symbolizes peace and power, but in the East the hyacinth is seen as a symbol of simplicity.

Hyacinth bulbs have been cultivated in the Netherlands since the 16th century. Its cultivation is limited by the special coarse-grained, calcareous and humus-like soil that is required for a good size of hyacinth bulbs. In the Netherlands, this soil is only found in the dune region in North and South Holland. The hyacinth is especially popular for the wonderful scent that it spreads and announces spring. The hyacinth bulbs flower for three to four weeks .

There are about twenty-five different hyacinths and they are classified by color. There are blue, purple, red, rose, yellow, orange and white varieties. The flowers of about two centimeters form dense flower clusters of fifteen to twenty centimeters in length.

The Yellow Queen hyacinth bulb likes a well-permeable, not too heavy, fertile garden soil. After two years you should replace the hyacinth bulbs. It is difficult to keep hyacinth bulbs in your own garden in good condition every year for re-blooming. You get a guarantee of beautiful and effective flowering by planting new hyacinth bulbs every year. In severe winters it is best to place a shelter over the planting bed (leaves, peat, branches). Fertilizing is not necessary.

Yellow Queen hyacinth bulbs also do well in a pot or container. It is important that the hyacinth bulbs should be planted in well-drained soil.

Protect the hyacinth bulbs, planted in pots and containers, against frost by means of bubble wrap, straw, leaves and the like.

The color of the Yellow Queen hyacinth bulb is a beautiful soft yellow.

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